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Wildwood summer rentals. Homes for rent in Wildwood NJ. Find resorts such as Seapointe Village, Coastal Colors, Summer Sands, Ocean Towers, etc.

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About Us

We are the proud owners of a vacation home in Seapointe Village in Wildwood, N.J. We purchased it in 2003 and have been very happy with our purchase. Our only regret is that we did not purchase it sooner. When we come to Seapointe Village after leaving our hectic schedules at home, we feel much more relaxed the moment we enter the gates. For here at Seapointe Village, we can relax on our balcony and listen to all the wonderful sounds such as the waterfall in the main pool, the ocean waves, or the call of a seagull, etc.

We come down during the prime season as well as during the rest of the year. Each month of the year has something special about it. We love the hot summers to enjoy all the pools and sun/beach. We also enjoy the cool weather in the fall and the peace and serenity of this more quiet getaway time. You feel like you "own the beach" or at least "have it all to yourselves". You can enjoy quiet walks or sit and watch the sunsets. It is nice to visit Cape May in the winter and see the wonderful holiday lights they put on their beautiful Victorian homes or shop in the stores in Cape May. You can also tour the homes to get a peek inside and see how they decorate for the holidays!

When are not able to enjoy our unit, we rent it folks who wish to come down to this oasis. We have used the internet two years in a row quite successfully to rent our unit. We feel that the internet can be used by other owners at Seapointe Village who wish to rent to help them get maximum exposure so they can be fully rented for the season. Even if you use a realtor, you can use this site to help get the renters to either handle on your own or to pass on to your realtor to help ensure a full rental season. See more reasons you may want to list on this site. Good Luck and Enjoy those Lazy Days at Seapointe Village!

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