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Seapointe Village, Wildwood NJ Rentals

New Jersey Wildwood Rentals and Sales

Wildwood summer rentals. Homes for rent in Wildwood NJ. Find resorts such as Seapointe Village, Coastal Colors, Summer Sands, Ocean Towers, etc.

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Wildwood Rentals in Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood, Wildwood

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HOW to Rent your Seapointe Village home on your own and KEEP all the commissions!

Many homeowners have asked me how do I rent my unit on my own and handle all the logistics like getting the keys to the renters, fixing things that can go wrong, etc if they live so far away. We live 3 hours away and find it very easy. Please read here to find out how simple it really is!!

Furniture for Sale by Seapointe Village Home Owners:

For a small fee of $25 (until it sells!), you can list your furniture for sale.

Contact Fran to have your Seapointe Village furniture for sale 908-879-4602 or email me at

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