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Wildwood summer rentals. Homes for rent in Wildwood NJ. Find resorts such as Seapointe Village, Coastal Colors, Summer Sands, Ocean Towers, etc.

We Bring Renters and Vacation Property Owners Together!
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Wildwood Rentals in Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood, Wildwood
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Why list your Wildwood NJ Rental with Us

There are many reasons why you should list your Seapointe Village vacation home with us versus another "rent by owner" website. Here are a few to think about (NOTE: we are NOT affiliated with any realty company!!)

  1. Best positioning in the Search Engines on the Web:
    In Google or any other search engine, type in "seapointe village rentals" or "seapointe village wildwood" or "wildwood rentals" and you will see we have great positioning on the first page. We haven't even completed this website yet, or marketed it yet and we have great positioning. We expect to be number 1 or number 2 shortly once we complete our work.

  2. Other sites stop paying for their position
    We have noticed many sites stop paying for good search engine positioning by July to save themselves money. That means that folks still looking for rentals late July and August, won't find your listing if they can't find their site. This could mean lost rentals to you in late August or September. is at the top of the search engines all year. Also we get the early bookings that come in December and January. Folks are also booking a year in advance and you could miss out on that as well if you did not list with us.

    Why rent on your own instead of using a realtor?

  1. Save Realtor Commissions:
    If you wish to rent your home without a realtor, this site may help you to find your renters. You will also save thousands of dollars on realtor commissions. You can handle the contracts and keys and parking passes on your own.

  2. Want to use your Realtor, but they can't get you fully booked?: If you currently list with a Wildwood realtor who does not have you fully booked, you can help them to find renters to fill your weeks up. You can still keep your realtor to handle everything else. This is just an added insurance to get fully rented.

  3. Lots of Inquiries from Renters: The owners of get many, many calls and emails throughout the season and when our unit is rented for the week they need, they ask us if we know of other home owners who are renting. We have given many, many referrals to a local Wildwood Realtor to help them rent their clients vacation homes.

  4. Possibly Better Renters: We have found that renters who spoke to us directly took better care of our place than those who rented through the realtor. It becomes more personal when you talk to the people who own the home so they are more apt to take care of your home.

  5. Free Listings on other web sites: If you list with us here, you will automatically get a free listing on other sites such as :

In addition, we own about 150 other domain names in the vacation rental business (yes we are building an empire!), therefore we will have a very large presence on the web.

We used a local Wildwood realtor for our first year (we just bought the place and it was already partially rented). The second year, we listed with a realtor in January, but once April came around and we only had one week rented, we developed this site, got all the rest of the renters but still paid our realtor since they handled the contract, keys, etc. Any problems that arose, we got the phone call from the renters themselves. So we paid 15% commission to a realtor for handling the contract/keys, etc.

In 2005, we decided to do the whole thing ourselves and save thousands of dollars each season. We developed a contract, made extra copies of our keys, and got a good cleaning service who checks that the badges are returned each week in the jar we supplied on the kitchen counter.

We get fully booked each year including many pre and post season weeks!! We only have a one bedroom unit. We have been told by every realtor that one bedrooms are the hardest to rent since most folks want a two bedroom. We have been more than fully booked every year since we've owned!

Contact us if you have any questions or need help. (908)879-4602

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