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Why List on VacationRentalsInWildwood.com

There are many reasons why you should list on VacationRentalsInWildwood.com. Here are a few to think about:

Simple for you: If you currently have a website with your vacation rental, simple email us at VacationRentalsInWildwood@gmail.com with the url and we will enter the information here. Or send us a decription and pictures and we will put the site up for you.

Help your Realtor find Renters: If you currently list with a realtor who does not have you fully booked, you can help them to find renters to fill your weeks up. You can still keep your realtor to handle everything else. This is just an added insurance to get fully rented.

Lots of Inquiries from Renters: The owners of VactionRentalsInWildwood.com get many, many calls and emails throughout the season and when our unit is rented for the week they need, they ask us if we know of other owners who are renting.

Save Commissions: If you wish to rent your unit without a realtor, this site may help you to find your renters. You will also save thousands of dollars on commissions. You can handle the contracts and keys and parking passes on your own.

Possibly Better Renters:We have found that renters who spoke to us directly took better care of our place than those who rented through the realtor. It becomes more personal when you talk to the people who own the home so they are more apt to take care of your home.

Free Listings:If you list with us here, you will automatically get a free listing on one of these sites if you own there.

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We used a realtor for our first year (we just bought the place and it was already partially rented). The second year, we listed with a realtor in January, but once April came around and we only had one week rented, we developed this site, got all the rest of the renters but still paid our realtor since they handled the contract, keys, etc. Any problems that arose, we got the phone call from the renters themselves. So we paid 15% commission to a realtor for handling the contract/keys, etc.

The next year we decided to do the whole thing ourselves and save thousands of dollars each season. We developed a contract, made extra copies of our keys, and got a good cleaning service who checks that the badges are returned each week in the jar we supplied on the kitchen counter.

We have owned our place since June 2003 and we get fully booked now every year. We only have a one bedroom unit. We have been told by every realtor that one bedrooms are the hardest to rent since most folks want a two bedroom. We have been fully booked all three years now!