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Parking at Seapointe Village

Parking at Seapointe Village, Diamond Beach, NJ

Each Seapointe home size will get a certain number of parking permits:

One Bedroom: 1 parking permit

One Bedroom and Den: 1 parking permit

Two Bedrooms: 1 parking permit

Two Bedroom and Den, 3 Bedrooms and Den, 4 Bedrooms: 2 parking permits

In addition to knowing the above, you should also know that there are limitations in the underground parking. There is underground parking under the 3 oceanfront buildings (North Beach, South Beach, Pinnacle), as well as under the Centre Court building.

Rooftop carriers and tall vehicles that exceed six feet (6') will NOT fit within those parking garages. If you need a rooftop carrier, we suggest you use a soft one so that once you unload it, you can put it in your vehicle. If you have a hardcase one, you will need to park you vehicle outside of Seapointe Village. During peak season, parking is at a premium.

In addition, motorcycles and trailers are not allowed within Seapointe Village.

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