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What to pack for your vacation to Seapointe Village, Diamond Beach, NJ

Updated: Apr 30

What to pack for your seapointe vacation in Diamond Beach
packing for a relaxing vacation

Packing for a vacation to the Jersey Shore can be daunting especially if you have kids and need large items like strollers, high chairs, etc.

Then there are beach chairs, beach towels, bath towels, sheets, toilet paper, etc. Each Seapointe home supplies different things. For the most part most homeowners supply bath towels but not beach towels. Some have linens for your use, but you must wash/dry/fold and put them away prior to leaving. Some will have cleaning supplies (especially in the beginning of the summer), but most do not supply toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Be sure to find out exactly what each home supplies and does not supply and what is expected from you if you use their linens.

When we had kids, we had to bring the big items like strollers and beach chairs. We had a small car and two kids and used a bike rack to help. If there were places to rent those items, we probably would have.

Today there are rental places for linens, strollers, wheelchairs, chairs, etc. Islands Best Rentals has all your needs.

Another place is Wildwood Rentals Supply:

For just linens you can rent from Linen Fairies:

You can get linens and items such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, and even food, spices, etc. from Sunkissed Concierge:

It is tough to find beach toy rentals, but some Seapointe homeowners will leave some items for you. Please check with the homeowner prior to rentals.

If you only need to rent chairs, you can rent them right at Seapointe at the Deli Hut if you are renting a Seapointe home (homes like these: )

Seapointe offers not only daily and weekly rentals but will set up and take down the chairs and umbrellas for you.

We also liked to purchase our groceries ahead of time so we could get sale items over the weeks prior to our vacation to save money. But the hassle of packing and loading into the car and then into the condo for some makes it worthwhile to use a service to deliver it to you. Here are a few ways to eliminate the hassel.

You can order and schedule delivery for groceries from Walmart: You can order a week ahead of time and make changes up to 24 hours prior. Many items are competitive with our grocery store at home and they text your with the status along the way with information such as the time they start shopping, the time they leave the store and a time for when they will arrive at your rental.

Enjoy your vacation hassel free! Rent your chairs, baby equipment, towels and more! Happy beach days!!


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