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Why we LOVE Seapointe Village Resort


Rock waterfall near the Garden building in Seapointe Village Resort
Rock waterfall

We used to go to a Wildwood hotel when our kids were young. By the time the 4th day came around, our kids would ask when are we going home. We took them to the pool, game room, the beach, water parks, the boardwalk, etc. We chalked it up to they were simply tired.

The next year we purchased a home in the Seapointe Village Resort. On the ride down, they were excited, talking about the waterfall at the hotel pool. We said, oh we are not staying at that hotel but instead staying in the home we purchased, They were upset. We told them if they didn't like our new home, we can stay at the hotel. They were happy.

Seapointe waterfall
Waterwall in Seapointe Village Resort, NJ

Once we arrived at Seapointe, their mouths dropped (they were 6 and 8 at the time). So we said, ok let's go to the hotel. They yelled NO!!!! They too fell in love with Seapointe.

Why? They were never bored. Each day we would wake up and ask ourselves, which of the four pools do we want to go to today or do we go to the beach? Or do we do a little of both. Where will we sit if we go to the pools? Up on the upper deck at the main pool by the misting stations or down near the pool or under the main pool curtain?Will we play pickleball or tennis or bocce ball or basketball? Will we go to the exercise room or walk on the beach and look for shells or build sandcastles or simply take a walk around the grounds? Will we make lunch ourselves or simply enjoy a meal from the deli hut? Will we use one of Seapointes grills to make our dinner or go out or make our dinner in the condo?

Each day was something new!

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