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Seapointe Village buildings location - where would you like to stay? See the Seapointe map above!

Updated: Apr 30

North Beach and Pinnacle buildings - two of the three oceanfront buildings in Seapointe Village.
Two of the oceanfront seapointe village buildings.

The layout of Seapointe Village consists of several buildings spread across the property. Here is a general overview of the locations typically found within Seapointe Village:

  1. Oceanfront Buildings (North Beach, Pinnacle and South Beach): These buildings are situated closest to the beach and offer stunning views of the ocean. They often feature direct beach access and are highly sought after for their prime location. There are 6 floors to each building. North Beach: Aside from the ocean views which all homes in North Beach have except for rooms 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600), even numbered homes in North Beach have direct views of the inside of Seapointe while the odd numbered have views of the Icona hotel next door. South Beach is the opposite (even numbered have views of the outside of Seapointe or the hotel next door, while the odd have views inside of Seapointe). The Pinnacle building is in between the North Beach and the South Beach buildings and is set back behind the pool, thus slightly further away from the beach.

  2. Centre Court: This building is located behind the oceanfront buildings and offer a mix of pool and parking lot views. They are further from the beach (approximately a 10 min walk or more from door to beach if you have small kids and beach equipment). Although further from the beach it still provides convenient access to resort amenities. The even numbered rooms have a view of the Centre Court pool, while the odd numbered rooms have a view of the parking lot and back entrance of Seapointe.

  3. Garden Buildings: This buildings are set further back from the beach and often overlook the beautifully landscaped gardens and courtyards within the village. While they may not offer ocean views, they provide a tranquil and picturesque setting.

  4. Townhouse Units: In addition to condominium buildings, Seapointe Village also includes townhouse-style units. These units are often located throughout the property and may offer varying views and proximity to amenities. The exact layout and numbering of buildings within Seapointe Village can vary, so it's recommended to consult a map or contact the resort directly for specific information about building locations and amenities. Additionally, guests and residents may have different preferences regarding building location based on factors such as proximity to the beach, pool access, and views, so it's essential to consider individual preferences when selecting accommodations.

  5. Townhouse Units: In addition to condominium buildings, Seapointe Village also includes townhouse-style units located around the perimeter of Seapointe.

  6. Single family homes are located in the very back of Seapointe. Although no ocean views, they are larger homes. #DiamondBeach #seapointevillage #SeapointeVillageRentalByOwner #VacationRentalsWildwood #wildwoodvacations #wildwoodnj #capemaynj #capemayvacations 

Check out the map for the location of these buildings.


See the location of all of Seapointe, from the pools to the buildings.
Map of Seapointe Village


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